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Discover Bible Guides

Whether you're new to the Bible or looking to dive deeper and understand it even more, the Discover Bible Guides are just what you need! These 26 lessons will assist you in understanding the foundational truths of Scripture—from Genesis to Revelation—through a continued growing relationship with Jesus.

These guides cover the major themes of the Bible and will assist you in understanding answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions. We want to make you a promise—as you study these guides, they will take you on one of the most enjoyable, life-changing adventures of your life!

The first six lessons introduce the foundational topics of:

  • Who God is (Lesson #1)
  • How the Bible is a message from God (Lesson #2)
  • How your life matters to God (Lesson #3)
  • How sin interrupted God's perfect plan and the world He created for you (Lesson #4)
  • God's solution to sin—understanding who Jesus is (Lesson #5)
  • The plan of salvation (Lesson #6)

The following 20 build on what you've learned in the first six lessons to make the Bible come alive and enable you to apply what you're learning to your everyday life.

How to Use the Discover Guides
The Discover Guides are designed to be used in Bible studies in the following ways:

  • Personal Bible studies
  • One-on-one Bible studies
  • Small group Bible studies
  • Correspondence (by mail)
  • Online
Lesson Titles

1. We Can Believe in God
2. We Can Believe the Bible
3. Does My Life Really Matter to God?
4. A Plan for Your Life
5. Bridge to a Satisfying Life
6. A Second Chance at Life
7. About Your Future
8. When Jesus Comes for You
9. Your Home in Heaven
10. How Soon Will Jesus Return?
11. Mysterious Power in My Life
12. An Ever-Present Savior
13. From Guilty Sinner to Forgiven Saint 
14. The Secret of Answered Prayer
15. The Secret of Happiness
16. The Secret of Heavenly Rest
17. The Secret of Growth Through Sharing
18. The Secret of a Healthy Lifestyle 
19. Entering the Christian Life
20. The Secret of Growth Through Fellowship
21. Can the Majority Be Wrong?
22. Is God Fair?
23. What and Where Is Hell?
24. When a Person Dies . . . What Then?
25. Can I Find God’s Church Today?
26. Does God Have a Special Message for Our Day?

Included: 26 Study Guides and Test Sheets

If you're looking for the newly-redesigned/refreshed Discover lessons, please visit this page.

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