De La Nada (Out of Thin Air - Spanish) Full Box (96 Books)

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De La Nada (Out of Thin Air - Spanish) 
By Shawn Boonstra

In this 128-page book, Shawn Boonstra uses the Bible and scientific studies to tackle Darwin's claims head-on to reveal that life does have meaning and purpose. The material in this book provides a solid place to begin your exploration of the most important questions in the universe.

Chapter Titles

1) Where You Come From Matters
2) Who You Are Matters
3) Arguments Against the Existence of God
   • The Lack of Evidence
   • The Way So Many Christians Believe
   • If God Exists, He Would Eliminate Suffering
   • The Argument from Multiplicity
   • The Argument from Irreducible Complexity
   • The "Facts" of the Fossil Record
4) The Fruits of Atheism
5) A Parade of Pretenders
6) Searching for Middle Ground
7) Out of Thin Air
8) Bibliography

128 pages