Heather: An Adventist Girl (Set Three - Australia) - 4 Books by Jean Boonstra

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Heather: An Adventist Girl (Set Three in the Adventist Girl Series)
4 Books by Jean Boonstra

Meet Heather, an Adventist girl! This third four-book set in the Adventist Girl series shares stories of faith from long ago that are engaging and fun for kids. This series is set in Australia and your kids won't want to miss it!

For ages 7 and up. Published by Pacific Press.

Secrets and Friends
96 pages

Meet Heather Gibson - An Adventist Girl

Young Heather Gibson can hardly believe her family is moving to Australia. She wonders about this land so strange, so far from home. Will she like it? Will she make any friends? Heather's big brother, Nathan, makes a new friend right away, but Heather is having a hard time. The girls at their new school in Avondale ignore her, and Laura Douglas acts cold and unfriendly. Sabbath in the sunny new church brings an unexpected surprise when a special visitor, Mrs. White, preachers from the Gospel of John. Later, a hike in the forest leads to a close call that greatly upsets Heather. She pours out her heart to God and prays for a friend. The answer to Heather's prayer, as you will see, comes in a most unexpected way!

A New Life Down Under
96 pages

Glad Tidings and Good Days

Heather, now nine years old, has a happy new outlook on life. With her new best friend, Laura—and the help of her brand-new eyeglasses—Heather is seeing this wild and wonderful land "Down Under" with new eyes. One day, Mrs. Ellen White visits the Gibson home with two little books she has just written about Jesus, called The Desire of Ages. Then the family goes to camp meeting in Newcastle. It looks like a sea of white tents. Bush fires are getting closer and the people are praying for rain. Are raindrops in the forecast? At year's end, the message of hope that Mrs. White shares on Christmas night makes Heather long for heaven. A very special baptism follows at Dora Creek. Heather wants to follow Jesus. She discovers the joy of having Jesus in your heart, and sharing Him with others.

A Wedding in Avondale
96 Pages

A Match Made in Heaven

It's back to school time! The building and the desks are new—but snooty May and Ethel haven't changed a bit! It is 1899 and the students are learning about Captain Cook's landing, the aborigines and other fascinating facts about Australia's History. One day, Aunt Rachel meets handsome Pastor Reid from Melbourne, and love begins to grow! But nice, polite Pastor Reid just happens to be Ethel's "Uncle John." and that spells trouble. A Sabbath visit leads to a very important announcement. A whirlwind of wedding preparations follow. As Heather delivers invitations, a laughing kookaburra startles her. But the voices she hears next, and what they are saying about the bride-to-be, shock Heather. Why can't the future in-laws learn to love and accept sweet Aunt Rachel?

Going Home
96 Pages

Goodbyes Are Not Forever

A new love hops into Heather's heart! He's a baby kangaroo with a hurt leg. Heather rescues him and brings him home. But "Joey" turns into a troublemaker. The night before Nathan and Father are to leave on a mission trip to Tasmania, Joey makes a big mess, and Heather's brother is furious. Nathan leaves without even saying goodbye to his little sister or forgiving her for what Joey did. Summer seems to drag by. To pass the time, Heather helps teach Joey to hop again. She also volunteers at the Avondale Health Retreat. As she is helping patients one evening, a boy is brought in with a dangerously high fever. And next to him is her father. Terrified, Heather peers into the boy's face. It's Nathan! Then a letter from America brings big news that will change everything for the family.

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