Rescued: Safe in Jesus VBS Kit

Voice of Prophecy
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Bring Discovery Mountain LIVE to your church this summer through this Discovery Mountain VBS adventure!

Rescued: Safe in Jesus, an interactive Vacation Bible School (VBS) adventure from the Voice of Prophecy, the creators of the award-winning Discovery Mountain audio adventure series.

Based on the characters in the audio program, the Rescued: Safe in Jesus kit provides everything you need to start planning a five-day Vacation Bible School in your church and community.

Experience the story of Noah like never before, along with the Discovery Mountain characters as they’re rescued from a flash flood at camp! Participants will leave this VBS program with the assurance that Jesus loves them and wants to take care of them too!

The starter kit includes:

– Nine never before recorded VBS songs!
– Breathtaking music videos to sing along to, all recorded on location at Glacier View Ranch.
– A video adventure featuring your favorite Discovery Mountain characters as they face a flash flood at Fall Camp—and ultimately realize that they were never far from God’s rescue.
– Easy-to-use scripted Bible skits.
– Fun crafts all ages will enjoy.
– A full preschool program.
– An interactive video series with Professor Fascilrachs at the science station.
– A humanitarian project to help children in Bangladesh in partnership with Child Impact International.
– Free samples!