The Serpentine Prophecy DVD

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Own the DVD of The Serpentine Prophecy, which includes four documentary episodes featuring Shawn Boonstra.

Episode 1: The Secret of Room 217

Episode 2: Whisper of the Serpent

Episode 3: Hidden Knowledge

Episode 4: The Serpentine Prophecy

Series Description
There is an ancient lie—a disturbing thread that ties our present to the distant past. What are the whispers that emerge from age-old tombs, speaking of things that move beyond the shadows? Are there dark influences and unspoken forces that have been quietly driving humanity from the very dawn of civilization . . . and if there are, where are they trying to take us?

An avid student of history and Scripture, Shawn Boonstra presents in this on-site documentary compelling first-hand evidence that reveals the truth about secretive powers battling for the allegiance of humanity. You’ll be amazed by what you learn.

Episode Lengths
1) The Secret of Room 217 - 28:52
2) Whisper of the Serpent - 27:41
3) Hidden Knowledge - 28:23
4) The Serpentine Prophecy - 29:50