The Final Moments - Booklet by Shawn Boonstra

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The Final Moments Booklet
By Shawn Boonstra

Far too many Christians live in sheer terror of the events portrayed in the book of Revelation because they only live in one chapter, Revelation 13. As we watch the final details of that chapter unfolding, we ought to see them as a clear signal that God's Word is good—Revelation 14 is also unfolding! We are going to complete God's work successfully and make it home triumphantly.

This special collection of excerpts from the writings of Ellen G. White describe, in vivid detail, some of the events the Bible predicts will take place on our planet before Christ returns. The book assumes that the reader is well-acquainted with the Biblical book of Revelation and has studied it at some length.

We are living in very unusual times—the very times, it seems, described in the quotations you are about to read. It is our prayer that this concise 48-page book will serve as a catalyst to refuel your own passion for Christ and His work.

48 pages