Discover Mini #3 - Does My Life Really Matter to God?

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MINI #3 Does My Life Really Matter to God?

There are times in every life when we feel hopeless and that life has no purpose and nothing seems fair. That’s just part of this human condition of sin. In this Discover Mini, we find out where God is when we feel so low. Is He there? Does He even care? If you have someone in your life who is struggling with self-doubt and feeling far removed from God, share this mini with them. Encourage them to enroll in the full Discover Bible series so that they can seek out where these feelings of hopelessness originate and how to combat them with hope and promises from the Bible.


Topics include:

  • God Created a Perfect World
  • Six Days to Make Our World
  • Evil Comes to a Perfect World
  • Who is This Devil Who Infected Our World With Sin?
  • Did God Create the Devil?
  • Why Did the Devil Sin?
  • Who Is Responsible for Sin?
  • The Cross Makes the Destruction of Sin Possible