H. M. S. Richards: A Biography - Book by Bob Edwards

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H. M. S. Richards: A Biography
By Robert (Bob) E. Edwards

The author of this gripping biography of H. M. S. Richards writes: "I have known some great preachers and some accomplished poets, men with great command of the English language, men with a marvelous sense of humor, men with keen memories, men with a grasp of the importance and drama of history, men with the great gift of telling stories, and men with sincere and unalloyed dedication to God, but only in H. M. S. Richards have I found all these gifts wrapped up in one package."

Bob Edwards worked with and for H. M. S. Richards for decades, and in some ways knew him even better than some members of his immediate family. So, along with having access to Richards' personal diaries, Edwards, as an experienced writer, was well-qualified to write the biography of H. M. S. Richards, the founder of the international the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast.

The result is a book that will not only hold your attention, but will make you laugh and cry. It will help you move toward a stronger faith in the God who lived in the heart of this great Christian preacher.

329 pages