How to Give a Bible Study - Booklet by Kurt Johnson

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How to Give a Bible Study 
By Kurt Johnson

Kurt Johnson, director of the Voice of Prophecy Bible School, provides suggestions for finding Bible study interests and effective tips for leading them to Christ. The eight chapters include Prayer, Preparing the Bible Study, Presenting the Bible Study, and Obtaining Decisions. Pastor Johnson gives many practical pointers on sharing Jesus one-to-one with friends and neighbors.

1) Yes, You Can Give a Bible Study
2) But I'm "Only" a Layperson
3) Prayer
4) How to Find Bible Study Students
5) Preparing the Bible Study
6) Presenting the Bible Study
7) Obtaining Decisions
8) The Spirit-Filled Life

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It was a hot sticky August afternoon. Sixteen-year-old Kurt Johnson found himself standing on a sidewalk in Pasco, Washington, clutching a Bible with sweaty hands. His heart beat like a hammer in his chest. He was facing his first Bible study! Pastor Ralph had said it was simple: take a gift Bible, knock on a door and tell whomever answers that if they complete the whole series of lessons, the Bible was theirs to keep. 

Kurt knocked on 30 doors. People politely refused his offer. But then he met Pat. "Sure, I'd like to study the Bible," she said.

From that first study to this day, Pastor Johnson has learned a lot about how to share God's Word with others. Let him help you learn how to give a Bible study!

64 pages