Revelation Speaks Peace Study Guides - Full Set Spanish

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Revelation Speaks Peace Study Guides - Full Set Spanish

This 23-lesson study set is the perfect supplement to the Revelation Speaks Peace DVD or CD sets!

This powerful seminar, presented by Pastor Shawn Boonstra, will clearly unlock the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation—using the Bible itself as the key! Experience hope for the future as you discover that Revelation truly does speak peace.

• Understand why the world seems to be changing so quickly.
• Grasp God's plan of hope for humanity.
• Understand how to read Bible prophecy for yourself.
• Find peace and joy in your life today.

Our world is in a state of turmoil with war, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, the threat of pandemics, escalating crime, a shaky global economy and a volatile stock market. Our whole world is on edge! Millions are asking, "What on earth will happen next?" Learn what the Bible has to say on the topic as Shawn Boonstra opens the Word of God during Revelation Speaks Peace.

1) A New World Order
2) A Planet in Upheaval
3) Armageddon
4) The Man of Revelation
5) The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
6) The Time of the End - Part One
7) The Time of the End - Part Two
8) The Appearing
9) The Anatomy of Evil
10) The Ultimate Mind Game
11) The Coming of the Lawless One
12) The Sign of God
13) Revelation's Forgotten History
14) A River Runs Through It
15) Babylon Rising
16) Revelation's Keys of Death
17) The Fall of Babylon
18) God's Strange Act
19) A Desolate Planet
20) How to Postpone Your Funeral
21) Return of the Woman
22) The Mark of the Beast
23) Revelation's Testimony of Jesus
24) The Last Night on Earth (no lesson for this presentation)

23 lessons total (presentation #24 features no lesson). For use with the Revelation Speaks Peace DVD or CD set.