Discovery Mountain Season 2, "Summer of Strife" - Digital/MP3

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Discovery Mountain Season 2, "Summer of Strife" - Digital/MP3

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It's time for Discovery Mountain Camp! Campers Ben and Judah discover that summer camp isn't exactly what they expected—in more ways than one! In Season 2, meet Miss Tamara and Miss Wendy, drama directors for the annual camp drama production. Gather around the campfire and learn some new songs with Mr. Garcia. Can Ben and Judah overcome their brotherly competitiveness and jealousy and learn to get along?

Theme: Learning to manage competition and jealousy

Bible Story: Joseph (Genesis 37-50)

Includes 10 episodes in MP3 format.

1. Goodnight, Blackfoot Cabin
2. Where’s Mr. Garcia?
3. Gadget’s Very Sad Day
4. “Brothers” of Strife
5. Ben in the Spotlight
6. Don’t Quit, Judah
7. Judah Goes “Oatmealing”
8. Changed Hearts
9. The Race Must Go On
10. The Story of Joseph