KidZone Bible Study Guides - Full Set

Voice of Prophecy
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KidZone Bible Study Guides - Full Set

These 14 Bible study guides from the Voice of Prophecy were created especially for kids ages 8-12, though people of all ages enjoy them! Puzzles, stories and activities come with each lesson to make learning about the Bible fun.

The 14 lessons cover major Bible doctrines in such a way that pastors can use them in a baptismal class for juniors, while also being suitable for sharing with kids in the community—perhaps when they knock on doors on Halloween.

Topics include Creation, the fall, salvation, baptism, prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Sabbath, health, death, the Second Coming and Heaven. The guides ask—and answer—questions such as:

• How can I stop being lonely?
• Is the devil out to get me?
• Why do people and pets die?
• Are ghosts for real?

Every guide includes an appeal to accept Jesus. In addition to a response sheet to be returned to an instructor, each lesson also features an activities page with games, puzzles, and other fun things to do.


KidZone Lesson Titles:

1. The Biggest

2. A paradise for Pigs

3. He did it for Love

4. A Miracle You Don't Deserve 

5. New From the Inside Out 

6. Ever Been Tempted

7. Fill'er Up

8. Living to the Limits Lawfully

9. How to Run a Million Miles

10. The Aroma of Love 

11. A Day to Hang Out with Your Friend

12. Grave Talk 

13. Here I Come

14. Your Favorite Place in the Universe

Included: 14 guides and test/activity sheets

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