Discover Mini Sample Pack

Voice of Prophecy
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The sample pack includes Discover Mini lessons #1-5, giving readers a taste of what they'll find in full-size Discover Guides #1-5.

These condensed versions are specifically designed to answer questions such as "Is there a God?", "Can I believe the Bible?", and "Does my life really matter to God?" Share these mini-lessons with your friends and strangers to encourage them to take the full Discover series. 

Lessons include:

  • #1. We Can Believe in God
  • #2. We Can Believe the Bible
  • #3. Does My Life Really Matter to God?
  • #4. God's Plan for My Life
  • #5. Bridge to a Satisfying Life

The lessons are attractively packaged in a custom-sized resealable zipper bag for easy transport and sharing.