Authentic - 2019 Devotional Book by Shawn Boonstra

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Authentic - 2019 Adult Devotional
By Shawn Boonstra

Each daily devotional in Authentic is a moment of reflection—a brief peek at one small facet of Jesus' incredible life and character.

This powerful 384-page devotional book explores the deeper meanings of the thirteen baptismal vows, though the content is evergreen and perfect for anyone who would like to learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Each month, Pastor Shawn Boonstra presents in his entries a new perspective of Jesus, the Creator and Redeemer at the center of the Three Angels’ Messages. You'll be inspired by these reflections to pursue an authentic faith in Christ!

Sample topics include:

"The Good News About Who You Are"
"Understanding God's Name"
"The Voice of Hope"
"To Forgive Like God"
"The Patience of God"
"The Book That Changed My Life"
"A Tale of Two Revolutions"
"The Speed of Prayer"
"The Forehead and Hand"
"Learning to Rest"
"God's Idea of Soon"
"God's Greatest Reward"
"What God Has Not Revealed"
"Pale Blue Dot"
"The Testimony of Jesus"
"To Know a Phony"
"Jonah and the Remnant"
"No Place for Schadenfreude"
"People of the Book"
"Spiritual Hermits"
"Pierced with Sorrow"
"Welcome Home"