Prayer Works - Small Group Bible Study Book by Kurt Johnson

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Prayer Works - Small Group Bible Study Book
By Kurt Johnson

Explore the many facets of prayer! The lessons in this book have been designed to help lead small group members into a deeply spiritual exploration of prayer based on the greatest prayer textbook ever written—the Bible itself. But even if you're not in a small group, you can still learn a lot from these lessons.

Included Topics
• The secret to answered prayer
• How to pray for others
• How and why Jesus prayed
• Why God is eager to answer our prayers
• Why some prayers aren't answered
• How the prayer of faith moves mountains
• God's infinite power, which is available to us through prayer
• How to listen as we pray
• What happens when churches pray

Prayer Works contains 13 lessons for group study, with suggested prayer, Bible study, group sharing and life application activities for each session.

So gather your group and let the adventure begin!

Why Are Small Groups Important?
Small groups will bring you closer to Jesus, help you make new friends and deepen your ties to old ones, increase your peace, build up your church, help you solve problems, and ignite a fire in your soul.

It's one of the most rapidly expanding movements in the church today: small groups that meet in the homes of church members to pray, study and fellowship together.

95 pages