Discover Bible Study Guide #16 - The Secret of Heavenly Rest

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Discover Bible Study Guide #16 - The Secret of Heavenly Rest

Life can become hectic—rushing here and there, trying to get it all done. Wouldn't you like to have more time—time to step back from all the daily demands? Time you could instead spend rejuvenating yourself and your family?

Guess what? God has given us just such a gift. It's a gift as old as Creation itself. At the very beginning of our world, God set aside a special time of fellowship between Himself and us. Learn what the Bible has to say about it in lesson 16 from the Discover series.

Topics include:

• The Remedy for High-Tension Living
• A Daily Link With Jesus
• A Weekly Link With Jesus
• The Benefits of Sabbath Rest
• A Foretaste of Heavenly Rest

This single full-color lesson is recommended for churches and individuals leading out in small group, church group, or correspondence schools who need specific numbers of each lesson. If you're an individual wishing to take the full course, you'll probably want to purchase the full 26-lesson set!

1 Discover Bible Guide
1 True or False Answer Sheet

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