Discover Bible Study Guide #22 - Is God Fair?

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Discover Bible Study Guide #22 - Is God Fair?

If you've ever paid much attention to children, you know that fairness is something that they are keenly aware of and very much interested in:

• "You gave her a larger piece of pie than you gave me!"
• "It isn't your turn; I was in line first!"
• "Why does she get to play without finishing her homework when you won't let me?"

And that sense of "playing fair" and not showing favoritism or prejudice stays with us as we grow up. Nothing will destroy our respect for someone more quickly than the knowledge that he or she doesn't treat people fairly.

What about God? Can we trust Him to be fair with the destiny of the universe? In Discover lesson 22, we'll see what the Bible says about the issue of God's fairness at the end of time.

Topics include:

• The One Thousand Years Unveiled
• Resurrected at Christ's Coming
• Satan Chained to Earth for One Thousand Years
• The Righteous Judge the Wicked
• Satan Unchained at the End of One Thousand Years
• The Final Judgment Scene
• Sin Meets Its Final End
• The Earth Cleansed and Made New

This single full-color lesson is recommended for churches and individuals leading out in small group, church group, or correspondence schools who need specific numbers of each lesson. If you're an individual wishing to take the full course, you'll probably want to purchase the full 26-lesson set!

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