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Descubra Bible Guides

Whether you're new to the Bible or looking to dive deeper and understand it even more, the Descubra Bible Guides are just what you need! 

The 20 guides cover the major themes of the Bible and will assist you in understanding answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions. We want to make you a promise—as you study these guides, they will take you on one of the most enjoyable, life-changing adventures of your life!

How to Use the Discover Guides
The Descubra Guides are designed to be used in Bible studies in the following ways:

  • Personal Bible studies
  • One-on-one Bible studies
  • Small group Bible studies
  • Correspondence (by mail)
  • Online

Lesson Titles

1.    Podemos Creer en Dios – We Can Believe in God

2.    Podemos Creer en la Biblia – We Can Believe the Bible

3.    Realmente le Importa mi Vida a Dios? – Does My Life Really Matter to God?

4.    Un Plan Para su Vida – A Plan for Your Life

5.    Que pasa Cuando una Persona Muere? – What Happens When A Person Dies?

6.    Una Segunda Oportunidad en la Vida – A Second Chance in Life

7.    Acerca de su Futuro -About Your Future

8.    Cuando Jesus Venga por Usted- When Jesus Comes for You

9.    Su Hogar en el Cielo – Your Home in Heaven

10.  Cuan Pronto Volvera Jesus? – How Soon Will Jesus Return?

11.  Un Salvador Siempre Presente – A Savior Always Present

12.  Que es el Infierno y Donde Esta? – What is Hell and Where is it?

13.  El Secreto de la Oracion Contestada - The Secret of Answered Prayer

14.  El Secreto de la Felicidad -The Secret of Happiness

15.  El Secreto del Reposo Celestial – The Secret of the Heavenly Rest

16.  El Secreto Para Crecer Mientras se Comparte – The Secret to Grow While Sharing

17.  El Secreto de un Estilo de Vida Saludable – The Secret of a Heathy Lifestyle

18.  El Comienzo de la Vida Cristiana – The Beginning of the Christian Life

19.  La Comunion con otros Creyentes – Communion with Other Believers

20.  Tiene Dios un Mensaje Especial para Hoy? – Does God have a Special Message for Today?

Included: 20 Study Guides and Test Sheets