Jesus Before Jesus - Book by Shawn Boonstra

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Jesus Before Jesus Book
By Shawn Boonstra

Christ's interaction with the human race stretches further back than many people suspect. Stories, poems, and prophecies of the Old Testament foreshadow Jesus in unmistakable ways and underline the fact that the Jesus of the gospels was in fact the long-anticipated Messiah. He was there at every major turning point in the history of His people. If it wasn't about Christ, it seems, the Spirit did not include it in the canon of Scripture.

The examples in this book are intended to whet the reader's appetite, to stir a desire to go to the Bible and look. The more one finds, the keener the senses become and the more one recognizes His footprints absolutely everywhere.

The author's prayer is that seeing Jesus in every chapter and every verse of Scripture will, over time, become second nature for the reader.

Introduction: The Real Historical Jesus
1) Jesus the Creator
2) The First Prophecy
3) Dinner With Jesus
4) The Enigmatic Melchizedek
5) Wrestling With Jesus
6) The Manifold Grace of God
7) The Burning Bush
8) Commander of the Lord's Host
9) My Son Israel
10) Greater Than the Temple
11) Stunning Predictions of Christ
12) The Jesus of the New Testament Church

128 pages

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