Discover Mini #5 - Bridge to a Satisfying Life (Pack of 100)

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MINI #5 Bridge to a Satisfying Life

Is it too late to find peace in this life? In this Discover Mini, you will learn how sin created a separation between us and God—and why, as a result, Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice by coming to earth to give us hope, love and offer us an eternal home with Him. You will learn that it’s not too late to have your sins forgiven and to find peace in His unfailing love. This is a timeless message that everyone needs to hear. By sharing this mini, you will give hope and the promise of eternal life to someone who has lost their faith in that promise. As with each of the Discover Mini’s, invite whoever you share them with to sign up to take the full Discover Course. There is so much more to learn than can be shared in these five minis.

Topics include:

  • Satisfying Our Hidden Hunger
  • Bridging the Chasm of Sin and Death
  • Seven Essential Facts You Should Know About Jesus
  • Unfailing Love

These pocket-sized lessons come in a pack of 100. You can use them as a sample of the Discover Guides and an enrollment card for people to sign up for the free studies. You can use these for outreach, pass them out to your friends or display them in an office lobby.