Shadow Empire Sharing Edition

Voice of Prophecy
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Shadow Empire - Sharing Edition
Hosted by Shawn Boonstra

Shadow Empire—it’s the gripping story of an unlikely emperor born out of wedlock and into poverty, who rose to power against staggering odds, and whose legacy has endured for centuries. Whether you realize it or not, Constantine the Great changed the course of history, and the reverberations of the decisions he made continue to this day.

Join Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra for this award-winning documentary-style Bible-based look at the topic of religious liberty. New footage from Serbia, Italy and Turkey makes history come alive and reveals little-known details about this intriguing historical figure.

Kit Contents
1) Two program DVDs containing the four-part documentary (approximately 30 minutes per program) hosted by Shawn Boonstra:

  • The Rise of the Early Church
  • The Persecution of the Church
  • A Marriage of Church and State
  • Constantine’s Christianity

2) BONUS VIDEOS: Four accompanying Bible studies hosted by Jean Boonstra

3) One Shadow Emperor book

4) Two sets of accompanying Bible studies

5) Viewing and sharing instructions

…and more!

More Info
This series addresses questions such as:

  • Was the marriage of Constantine’s government and the church a good thing for Christians?
  • Why did the early Christians have so much trouble fitting in?
  • Did Bible prophecy really predict that the government would persecute the church?
  • Was it a good idea for the Roman emperor to step in and try to solve the internal disputes within the church?
  • If Christians really are Jesus’ followers, then why do they still have disputes?