Discover Mini #1 - We Can Believe in God (Pack of 100)

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MINI #1 We Can Believe in God

This mini-lesson is just a taste of what you will find in the full-size Discover Guide #1. This condensed version is specifically designed to answer questions such as “Is there a God?” Share it with your friends and strangers. Use it to encourage them to take the full Discover series of 26 full-size lessons. You may even want to study together to support them along the way.

Topics include:

  • Everything Designed Has a Designer
  • Everything Made Has a Maker
  • God Comes Into Personal Relationships With People
  • What Kind of God Is He?
  • How Jesus Reveals What God Is Like

These pocket-sized lessons come in a pack of 100. You can use them as a sample of the Discover Guides and an enrollment card for people to sign up for the free studies. You can use these for outreach, pass them out to your friends or display them in an office lobby.