Final Empire GLOW Tracts (Pack of 100)

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Final Empire GLOW Tracts (Pack of 100)

Use this special sharing tract to spark community interest in Final Empire. It examines the uncertainty and seeming randomness of historical and future events, setting up a contrast for the stunning accuracy of the Bible’s prophetic predictions. Could God have revealed the rise of America to these ancient prophets? It then invites readers to join Shawn Boonstra for the series Final Empire as he explores America’s origins, follows the providential thread of her history, and considers the Bible’s vision for her future. Readers are directed to visit, which will point them to the closest host site of an upcoming Final Empire event.

Tract size: 2.75” x 4.25” folded, 2.75” x 11” unfolded (with four pages/faces on each side)

100 tracts to a pack