Discovery Mountain Season 4, "Just in Time" - Digital/MP3

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Discovery Mountain Season 4, "Just in Time" - Digital/MP3

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The Discovery Mountain Camp cafeteria is falling apart! Will Mr. Simon's archenemy use the needed repairs as an excuse to hurt the camp, or will God send help just in time? Mr. Simon, his niece Haddie, Judah, and their friends will have to exercise their faith and their courage in the face of Madame Manager's scheming.

Theme: Recognizing good versus evil and God's plan—in Esther's day and today—to save His people

Bible Story: Esther

Includes 10 episodes in MP3 format.

1. Maple Syrup Mission
2. New Job Jitters
3. Demolition!
4. For Such a Time
5. Take One
6. Too Much Help
7. The Brave Queen
8. Boss of the Year
9. Auction Day
10. The Surprise