Discovery Mountain Season 3, "The Perfect Gift" - Digital/MP3

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Discovery Mountain Season 3, "The Perfect Gift" - Digital/MP3

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In this six-part holiday story series, Jake, Jamey, and the other residents of Discovery Mountain learn the importance of family, generosity, and trusting in God. A surprise visitor helps Jamey understand that her Christmas wish list is excessive. Through the adventures of delayed shipments, broken pipes, and a surprise snow storm, everyone is reminded of our perfect gift: Jesus.

Theme: Learning to be thankful and generous in spite of our fears and circumstances

Bible Story: The shepherds who welcomed the birth of Jesus (Luke 2)

Includes 6 episodes in MP3 format.

1. Giving Thanks
2. Chaplain Plumbers
3. The Prize
4. Snow Day
5. Taliah’s Prayer
6. Turning Over a New Leaf