Discovery Mountain - Seasons 7 & 8 CD Set

Voice of Prophecy
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Discovery Mountain Seasons 7 & 8 Audio CD Set - Over 5 Hours of Audio Adventure!

Discover the power of belonging and the power of God's Word in these two faith-filled seasons of Discovery Mountain, the Voice of Prophecy’s Bible-based audio adventure series for kids.

This 6-disc audio CD set contains seasons 7 and 8, detailed below. Each of the 12 episodes is around 28 minutes, 30 seconds long.

SEASON 7: “You Belong”

There's a thief on the loose! While the town searches for the culprit, Judah, his mom Michelle, and Jake search for a sense of belonging in Discovery Mountain.

Character-Building Lessons: Exercising faith in the assurance that each of us truly belongs in God's family

Bible References: The story of Ruth and Naomi as told in the book of Ruth

EPISODE 1: "Wherever You Go"
Faith Exercise: Loyalty (Ruth 1:16)
EPISODE 2: "Jake's Very Bad Day"
Faith Exercise: Sons and Daughters of God (2 Corinthians 6:18)
EPISODE 3: "The Puffy Heart Mystery"
Faith Exercise: God Will Not Forget You (Ruth 2:20)
EPISODE 4: "Winter Coat Caper"
Faith Exercise: Loyalty (Ruth 4:15)
EPISODE 5: "Ruth and Naomi"
Faith Exercise: God Makes Us Family (Matthew 1:5-6)
EPISODE 6: "The Christmas Surprise"
Faith Exercise: Giving Thanks (Psalm 107:1)

SEASON 8: “Seeds of Change”

Can a heart really change for good? Between an intense town election and an extra-lively Week of Prayer, the answer surprises many.

Character-Building Lessons: Exercising our faith through hearing and following the word of God

Bible References: The Parable of the Sower as found in the book of Luke

EPISODE 1: "The Seeds"
Faith Exercise: Sowing the Word of God (Luke 8:11)
EPISODE 2: "The Wayside"
Faith Exercise: Listening for the Word (Luke 8:5)
EPISODE 3: "Radish Sprouts"
Faith Exercise: Being Rooted in the Word (Luke 8:6)
EPISODE 4: "Change of Heart"
Faith Exercise: Focusing on the Word (Luke 8:7)
EPISODE 5: "The Sower"
Faith Exercise: Accepting the Word (Luke 8:8)
EPISODE 6: "Election Day!"
Faith Exercise: Keeping the Word and Bearing Fruit (Luke 8:15)