Immortality or Resurrection

Voice of Prophecy
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What Christians believe about the makeup of their human nature largely determines what they believe about their ultimate destiny. Historically, most Christians have believed that human nature consists of a material, mortal body and a spiritual, immortal soul. This belief, known as dualism, is largely derived from Greek philosophers who regarded the body as temporary and evil but the soul as eternal and good. Dualism has led Christians to envision a destiny where mortal souls survive the death of the body and spend eternity either in the bliss of paradise or in the torment of a fiery hell.

This book shares, with compelling and biblical reasoning, the oldest and possibly the greatest deception of all time. It will help you understand how the deceptive teaching about human nature has fostered a whole spectrum of erroneous beliefs that have adversely affected Christian thought and practice. Most important of all, this book will increase your appreciation for God‘s glorious plan for your present life and future destiny.