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Enjoy and share this DVD edition of MindFit, featuring all four documentary episodes with host Alex Rodriguez.

Episode 1: Beyond the Asylum
Episode 2: The Prowling Lion
Episode 3: Not Your Grandpa’s Electroshock Therapy
Episode 4: Binding Up the Broken-Hearted

Series Description

Millions throughout North America are struggling with their mental health. In fact, over 20% of Americans and Canadians experience mental illness in any given year. No community is immune . . . yet silence, stigma, and ignorance still run deep.

What’s causing this epidemic? More importantly, what can be done to help fight it?

Join Alex Rodriguez on a journey for understanding, answers, and HOPE. You’ll meet men and women who have struggled with depression, anxiety, and other common mental conditions—and the skilled practitioners whose therapeutic methods are helping these same people find encouraging breakthroughs.