Mission: Trust in God

Voice of Prophecy
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Mr. Simon always says that God sends just the right people to Discovery Mountain—and it’s true! God sent Jake, Natasha, Addison, Cyrus, Hugo, Breonna, Carson, and more. And now it’s your turn!

Embark on your own adventure in Discovery Mountain. Has God brought you here for a faith exercise mission? A mission to learn to trust in Him, even when you feel anxious?

Here is your second Discovery Mountain faith mission. It begins with a tense situation in the woods just past Lookout Ledge. Where will it end? That’s up to you! With the help of your favorite characters, you choose what happens next. Will you follow their advice, or will you choose a different path? Will you leave with your anxieties calmed? Or will you leave Discovery Mountain weaker than when you started?

Let’s find out!