Native New Day Bible Study Guides - Full Set

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Native New Day Bible Study Guides - Full Set

This Bible study series was written by Native Americans for Native Americans, but anyone interested in how Native culture and stories relate to Bible teachings will also enjoy the 30 lessons. These easy-to-follow, beautifully-illustrated lessons include the following topics:

1) Our Father Who Is in Heaven
2) Jesus Our Creator and Friend
3) The Holy Spirit: God
4) The Book of Heaven - The Bible
5) The Falling Star
6) What God Will Do for You
7) A New You!
8) Our Duty to God
9) Our Duty to Man
10) Loving the Lord or Just Being Religious
11) The Gathering of Nations
12) The Signs of Christ's Second Coming
13) The Great Judgment Day
14) The Destruction of the Wicked
15) A Country With No Fences: Heaven
16) When a Man Dies
17) The World of the Spirits
18) Evil Harassment and the Bondage Breaker
19) Traditional Religions and Superstitions
20) What God Has Asked Us to Remember
21) Ambush on God's Guidelines
22) Celebrating God's Sabbath
23) How to Receive Answers to Your Prayers
24) Born of Water and the Spirit
25) Should We Belong to a Church?
26) God's Plan for Prosperity
27) Breaking Addiction Bondage
28) Prospering in Health
29) The Stinging Serpents
30) Walking the Talk "In Christ"

30 Study Guides and Test Sheets

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