Rescued: Safe in Jesus VBS Kit With Zoom-Enabled Option

Voice of Prophecy
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Hosts wanting access to the Zoom-enabled VBS and to customizable promotional materials to use in their community (banners, invitation cards, etc.) will need to purchase their kit through Please visit that site for access to those features.

Introducing Rescued: Safe in Jesus, an interactive Vacation Bible School (VBS) adventure from the Voice of Prophecy, the creators of the award-winning Discovery Mountain audio adventure series.

Bring Discovery Mountain LIVE to your church this summer through this Discovery Mountain VBS adventure! And if you're looking for digital options, we're now offering Zoom-enabled VBS option. To learn more and get instant access to the Zoom-enabled VBS, visit

Based on the characters in the audio program, the Rescued: Safe in Jesus kit provides everything you need to start planning a five-day Vacation Bible School in your church and community.

Experience the story of Noah like never before, along with the Discovery Mountain characters as they’re rescued from a flash flood at camp! Participants will leave this VBS program with the assurance that Jesus loves them and wants to take care of them too!

The starter kit includes:

– Nine never before recorded VBS songs!
– Breathtaking music videos to sing along to, all recorded on location at Glacier View Ranch.
– A video adventure featuring your favorite Discovery Mountain characters as they face a flash flood at Fall Camp—and ultimately realize that they were never far from God’s rescue.
– Easy-to-use scripted Bible skits.
– Fun crafts all ages will enjoy.
– A full preschool program.
– An interactive video series with Professor Fascilrachs at the science station.
– A humanitarian project to help children in Bangladesh in partnership with Child Impact International.
– Free samples!