Shadow Emperor - Book by Shawn Boonstra

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Shadow Emperor Book
By Shawn Boonstra
With Clifford Goldstein

Born under the cloud of illegitimacy. His real father far more powerful than anyone could imagine. The unlikely king who ignited a global movement. The world forever changed. His legacy—an empire reaching across centuries. His name? Constantine.

Constantine's astonishing rise from illegitimate son of an army commander to emperor of Rome is the stuff of fairytales. But he changed the course of history when he united Christianity with Roman power. His actions altered the way you think, the way you live, and even the way you believe.

In this book, Pastor Shawn Boonstra reveals the continuing rise and fall of religious freedom caused by this Shadow Emperor. And he lays out the choice each of us faces: will we continue to live in the shadow empire of Constantine, or walk in the light of Jesus?

Don't miss this intriguing study of history, prophecy and religious liberty! It can be used as a standalone book or as the perfect companion to the Shadow Empire series.

121 pages