Shadow Empire - Event/Small Group Kit

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Shadow Empire Event/Small Group Kit
By Shawn Boonstra 

Note: This kit can also be used to run a church event with the same format: video presentations followed by moderator-led Bible study and discussion.
This kit provides everything you need to start a small group using the award-winning Shadow Empire series.

In this riveting program, Pastor Shawn Boonstra reveals the continuing rise and fall of religious freedom—all of it rooted in Constantine's legacy. Footage shot in Italy, Serbia, and Turkey makes history come alive in each session.

Kit Contents
1) The Shadow Empire DVD, featuring all four documentary-style episodes by Shawn Boonstra (approx. 30 minutes each):

     • The Rise of the Early Church
     • The Persecution of the Church
     • A Marriage of Church and State
     • Constantine's Christianity

2) The Shadow Empire Small Group Event Manual detailing the step-by-step process of making your small group a success using this series.

3) Eight full sets of the Shadow Empire Bible Study Guides to use in the discussion following each episode. (Additional sets are available from the Voice of Prophecy.)

4) One copy of the companion book, Shadow Emperor, by Shawn Boonstra. This 120-page book provides additional details about the topic discussed in the episodes, for further study. (Additional books are available from the Voice of Prophecy.)

5) The Successful Small Groups book by Kurt Johnson, which provides the tools for organizing and leading successful small groups while exploring the biblical and historical foundations for small group ministry. In this practical 191-page guide, Johnson illustrates the proven effectiveness that small groups have for both nurturing the spirituality of current church members and leading friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others into a saving relationship with Christ.

About the Series
Born under the cloud of illegitimacy. His real father far more powerful than anyone could imagine. The unlikely king who ignited a global movement. The world forever changed. His legacy—an empire reaching across centuries. His name? Constantine.

Constantine's astonishing rise from illegitimate son of an army commander to emperor of Rome is the stuff of fairytales. But he changed the course of history when he united Christianity with Roman power. His actions altered the way you think, the way you live, and even the way you believe.

Don't miss this intriguing study of history, prophecy, and religious liberty!