Sharper Than a Sword - Booklet by Shawn Boonstra

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Sharper Than a Sword Booklet
By Shawn Boonstra

Have you ever decided to read the entire Bible cover to—only to give up after a couple weeks? Or perhaps when you read the Bible, you don't seem to get much out of it. Well, don't be hard on yourself, because you're not alone!

Sharper Than a Sword will provide you with practical tips to help you get more out of your Bible, remember what you've learned, and apply it to your daily life. Also included are easy-to-follow Bible reading plans that can help you navigate the entire Word of God. It's Bible reading made simple. Why not begin today?

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Following a brief introduction to the Bible and its enduring power to transform lives, Pastor Boonstra presents six steps to getting started with reading and studying God's Word. This book includes two plans for daily Bible reading, as well as a list of Bible study resources.

32 pages