The Great Controversy Study Guide: From the Great Disappointment to the Final Victory (Volume 2)

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Immerse yourself in Ellen G. White’s classic work, The Great Controversy, as never before with this two-part series of in-depth study guides.


The Great Controversy traces the conflict between God (good) and Satan (evil) from the first days of the early Christian church to the very end of time. You may be wondering: Why should I spend time studying The Great Controversy? It probably contains a lot of disturbing things—persecution, last-day deceptions, Satan’s attacks on God’s people, disasters falling on the earth, and a lot more bad stuff.

Yes. You’ll find all those things—and more—in the book. But you’ll also find something else: God’s unfailing love. God does not want you to be surprised about last-day events, so He tells you the details ahead of time. God loves you enough to warn you of future dangers, to tell you what is about to happen, and to assure you that He will always be there to care for you.

In each section of this study guide, you’ll find:

– key points from the reading,

– why it matters to you,

– how the content relates to the ongoing fight between good and evil, and

– thought questions to help you dig deeper.

Reignite your passion for God and His mission as you review God’s love and guidance in the past and look ahead to how He will guide and sustain us in the future.