The Promises of God - Book by H. M. S. Richards

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The Promises of God - Daily Devotional Book
By H. M. S. Richards

The Promises of God is a daily Bible promise and devotional book from the VOP founder.

"My greatest discovery was that I am a great sinner, but that Jesus Christ is a great Savior."
-H. M. S. Richards

A tireless reader and scholar, H. M. S. Richards devoured books. He was especially diligent as a student of the Bible, and was rarely found without one in his pocket. He constantly searched for information in many fields of knowledge, discovering facts and quotes that kept his messages always fresh and vibrant.

He was a pioneer in using radio to deliver the gospel, and he dreamed of the day when Christians would use satellites to beam the Good News on the air, every day, everywhere.

H. M. S. Richards believed in incredible answers to prayer. Miracles sustained him every day of his life. He believed God supplies amazing answers, provided we take hold of The Promises of God and tap into the electricity of prayer.

Do you hunger for a more meaningful fellowship with Jesus? Discover a closer walk with Him by letting Him ignite your heart.

371 pages