The Sign - Book by Shawn Boonstra

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The Sign 
By Shawn Boonstra

Life has become very noisy in the 21st century. If you go camping, somebody with a stereo system will move in next to you. Go for a hike in the woods, and you can often hear the sounds of chainsaws or four-wheelers in the distance. Walk on the beach, and you can still hear airplanes passing overhead. There's no escaping the noise.

We have come to think of relentless activity as noble. Even though we secretly resent working every spare minute of every day, we actually feel guilty if we spend time doing nothing in particular.

I am not an advocate of conspiracy theories, but I have long suspected that the noise and pace of modern life is deliberate. Somebody is trying to keep us incessantly occupied, because if we stopped the endless cycle of activity for even a few moments, we would discover something amazing: the presence of God.

Learn about God's sign of love and loyalty: a day to step away from your noisy, hectic life. Come explore the joys of the Sabbath through The Sign!

128 pages