Authentic GLOW Tract: The Illusion of Progress (Pack of 100)

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This pocket-sized GLOW tract is a great way to share about the timeless truths of Daniel 2 while simultaneously introducing others to the TV/radio show Authentic featuring Shawn Boonstra. The content is an abbreviated version of the episode "The Illusion of Progress," examining the failures of human civilization and empires and Daniel 2's vivid portrayal of the only lasting empire: Christ's eternal kingdom. Readers are invited to watch Authentic at

Take these tracts along with you as you travel and leave them with cashiers, at gas pumps, and in other public places. Mail them with bills or mass distribute them door-to-door. Whatever method you choose to use, these tracts will help you share light and hope wherever you go.

Tract size: 2.75” x 4.25” folded, 2.75” x 11” unfolded (with four pages/faces on each side)
100 tracts to a pack