Discover Mini #2 - We Can Believe the Bible (Pack of 100)

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MINI #2 We Can Believe the Bible

This Discover Mini is all about the Bible. If your friends or neighbors seem to question if the Bible is just ancient manuscripts compiled together or a sacred letter from God, this mini will draw them in to deeper understanding about the origin of the Bible and the messages contained in its pages. 

Topics include:

  • How God Speaks to Us Through the Bible
  • Who Wrote the Bible?
  • The Unity of the Bible
  • Three Reasons You Can Trust the Bible
  • How to Understand the Bible
  • The Bible Can Change Your Life

These pocket-sized lessons come in a pack of 100. You can use them as a sample of the Discover Guides and an enrollment card for people to sign up for the free studies. You can use these for outreach, pass them out to your friends or display them in an office lobby.